What can I do if I get stuck?

The most common issues are easy to resolve. Check the following for the most common issues:

  • Ident-ID: You will need this to start the process. It consists of 8 letters in the format ABC-DEFGH.
  • Identification Document: You will need to identify yourself with a valid ID. Have this ready before you start.
  • Light: Make sure that there is plenty of light and that shines onto your face and not from behind you (e.g. a window).
  • Internet connection: Ensure that you have an active internet connection. We recommend using WiFi, but a mobile data connection will work too.

If this doesn’t help, then restart the app and start the process again.

If the problem persists, there are two things you can do:

  1. Contact us using our contact form.
  2. Contact our partner that provided you with the Ident-ID.

 Please provide your Ident-ID and details regarding your issue so that we can help.

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