Why are the microphone and camera accessed during the identification process?

When performing an identification process in the IDnow App, IDnow requires access to the microphone and camera. This also includes access to the camera light that is activated to make the holograms on the ID documents more visible. The checking and recording of these security features is done to prevent fraud; it is especially necessary due to regulatory requirements of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to complete an identification in the financial sector successfully.

Before the actual identification process, every user is informed that the App requires access to the microphone and the camera and the user must give explicit authorization for both. Furthermore, during the phone call our employees draw attention to the fact that the flash light will be activated.

IDnow only collects data from the camera and microphone during the identification process, as well as some general, non-personal data about the device for diagnostic purposes of the app. At no time does IDnow have access to any data or images stored in the smartphone or tablet.

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